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Doom Marine

Custom Things In Boom?

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Is there any way to insert... say, 32 different skies, one for each map in Boom? If possible, how would I do it?

How about adding custom sprites without replacing the original Doom sprites? If possible, how would I do it?

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1) not possible with vanilla Boom. Can be done easily with MBF and things with similar features (Eternity, SMMU, winMBF, ZDoom etc)... in fact you can have multiple skys per map with those ports and probably a couple others.

2) Probably somewhat possible with dehacked, but, you'd have to sacrifice some existing things, so I guess the answer is no. If you use a port that supports new things (Eternity, ZDoom, jDoom, EDGE, uh... I think that's it) then you're good to go.

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