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Andy Tran

Status Bar Face Tutorial

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I've made 3 sets of HUD faces. It's not very fun. First two times I used a method much like this. The first time I was developing my touch the second I made for Hyena my old Doom1 TC (THe hud from that was used in Freedoom for a few years or something. Modified though.)

The third I made with 3d studio and I defenitely like that one best. I am just about to fix it up a bit though as it's a bit sloppy done imo.

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CyberDemonHunter said:

It's like Michael Jackson backwards :D

Hmmm....From a perfectly white epidermis pigmentation to a ruddy-red epidermis pigmentation.
Indeed, I don't get to see this everyday. At least the nose is still in one piece.

Anyways, I've only done a replacement for the God-mode "yellow eyes" HUD frame. It looked cartoony and unrealisitc. But I've still included it in my JDOOM WAD, knowing that not many people will actually discover the new "yellow eyes" frame due to the fact that they are playing at high resolutions with microscopic status bars.
Silly me :p

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Thanks Nmn, I was thinking of making our own modding team. Your graphics really kick ass. I love them. I'll send you a pm about it.

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