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gf6600 gt performing badly

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if your too lazy to read heres the "quick" version of my question:

running winxp on a p4 dual cpu 3.6ghz with ht technology,1gb ram, dx 9.0c nvidia geforce 6600GT (128mb) with latest drivers, im getting extremely bad fps..even on medium detail settings, im running no aa or af, 640x480 in performance mode....bad fps and its choppy as hell, any ideas?

ill try to provide more detail to the problem now

was just installing doom3 for the first time on my new system and i noticed something wasnt right about the fps i was getting

my old system used to run the game pretty much fine,

i used to run at about 60-75fps (uncapped) through most areas
i used to run it on medium detail settings 640x480 turboshadow and optimised shadows enabled
no aa or af, running in performance mode

my old system specs were:
amd athlon xp 2600 1.2ghz
512mb ram
geforce4 ti4200

now i try it on my newer system and something doesnt seem right

in the small bio-scan room at the beginning of the game, i was only getting 12fps
i enabled turboshadow and optimizedshadows and increased it to 14 fps, then i did skipmegatexture and i get about 17-22 fps in that room


this still isnt right, theres basically nothing going on in that room, and my new system specs arent exactly crappy

my newer system specs are:
intel pentium 4 3.6ghz (dual cpu) with ht technology
1gb ram
xfx geforce 6600 GT (128mb) with latest drivers
considering im running at medium detail settings, no aa or af, in performance mode, and i get the same fps in 640,800 and 1024 resolutions

i shouldnt be getting as low as 22 fps in that area

i did a defrag after this and i still get the low fps

my old ti4200 seemed to run it better, considering its a much older card...

my gf6600 should be blowing the roof off, but instead its having a heart attack..

any ideas? anyone having similar problems on similar specs?

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yes i installed the latest (71.89 from the nvidia website)

it shouldnt be that slow, even on the default drivers :(

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I have a the exact same card (XFX GeForce 6600GT AGP) and it runs fine. You may have a bad card. I also have a gig of ram and my processor is a 3.0ghz I believe. And it runs awesome. So something is most likely wrong with the hardware, because you should be running at around 60 or 70 fps. The only thing that I could think in the settings that could drag it down are turning on AA or VSync

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I got the same thing upgrading from my old gf ti4200 to a 6600gt. I had to totally uninstall my gfx drivers, then reinstall them. Now it runs quite nicely on 1024x768xhigh with 4x fsaa, or even 1600x1200xhigh with no fsaa ;)

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Yeah I have a BFG 6600GT OC, and it runs beautifully at 60fps most of the time.

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