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Scabbed Angel

Big Man with a Gun - non-doom art

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The proportions are rather weird, and the left hand, and the chest etc. But it's still pretty good.

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SA is back with his art! :-D
I'm a fan of Your art mate, just to let You know.

The pic is great. Tatoes are aweseome. Really like the face and the pose, but he seems a bit feminine? He's rather dumpy in his shoulders and upper chest, try making it slightly wider (about.. 1 and 1/3 head, use the head as a measurement ;-) ) His pecs appear slightly too high (manboobs) try lowering them and see if it works better.

The wrinkles on his shirt appear quite wrapped, like he was wrapped with some rope underneath.

I'd love to see a comic done this style ;-)

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wow, that's great!

The car seems to be floating though... I think the pic would look better without the car.

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