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DeHackED ini file, and more questions.

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Ello, I am running DeHackED on my room mate's ME machine. I had a lot of trouble getting it to load, till I edited all the paths in the ini file. Now when it loads it has error messages beside the sprite and sound options, what is the deal there? Also when I goto save, it says that the path c:\dm\patches\ does not exsist. Why is that? Do I need to run this on Win9X or something?

Also are there any tutorials on the web for this util? It is all Hebrew to me.



Keep an eye on DCDOOM! :)

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Ok, solved the Dm\patches problem, seems I jumped the gun and left the path as:


instead of:


It's late, I'm stoned. :/

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the dehacked ini is pretty straightforward. However, I've been working with EDGE, so it's become a little fuzzy. But your best bet is to set your dehacked patch directory to be the same directory that dehacked is in. And you're best to have Doom I or II upgraded to 1.9, or things might not work out the way you want them to.

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If you are getting error messages, the usual cause is the ini being set for the wrong version of doom(2).exe.

Scroll down to the bottom of the ini file and you will see the options. Ah screw it, here they are:

# Doom version #
# 0 for Doom 1 1.666
# 1 for Doom 2 1.666
# 2 for Doom 2 1.7, 1.7a
# 3 for Doom x 1.9
# 4 for Ultimate Doom 1.9

version = 3

Just put the correct version on the version = line

You may also find something useful at my site.


Click on the dehacked button. I've explained a lot of the ini settings, and a bunch of other things too.

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