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Writing contest #2!

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Yup Yup Yup. Topic chosen by darknation

This week's contest (fiction): describe a journey through Post Hell in the style of Dante's inferno.

The former seems simple enough. Not an invitation for a flamefest mind you, so don't get too personal about it if you know what i mean :P. The latter a bit trickier for those not familier with Dante's inferno. But you can probably get the gist of it; man tours hell, interrogates the damned and so on.

General rules are here. Any additional questions to wish to bug me with just fire away.

Minimum word length is 100 words. The rough maximum word length is 2000-3000 words. And let's say 3 weeks for this one? Might make life a bit easier

That out of the way, i wish you good luck. :)

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As the pilgrim peered into the leering eyes of the man-creature before him, sharp emotions of repulse and fear raked down his already weary spine. Never had he observed such a monstrousity. Never had he wondered how the human race could sink so low.

The demon took another stride forward, a powerful paw printing onto the blood-stained ground. Deathly dooming shades of yellow, orange and black flicked brighter as the roaring flames intensified in their approach. The thing was almost upon the petrified newcomer now; it's huge bloated bulk standing tall over its vunerable victim.

And then. From those mangled lips. Those mangled frothing lips opening and reveal ing decaying teeth, came forth sounds, sounds that sickly formed into ghastly words."GOATSE LINKS ARE WICKED :D :D!1"

But yeah folks, contest ends next week the last time i checked. Just to let you know.

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Its a real pitty that noone enters these contests, to be quite honest I wondered as a lot of people who post(or posted) stories seldom got anything...


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I'm not participating in this one because I don't care for the theme.

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