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ZDoom For Dummies and Wizzies

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Where the hell can I find some documentation on how to code scripts with ACS, strictly for ZDoom in Hexen format? (ie, Doom Arcade, Escape from Phobos)

Extracting the entries and examining one script doesn't seem to be helping me in finding out how to make a good map incorporating a script.

Excuse me for acting like a stupid idiot, but some of us are not as gifted in seeing the lines of code within those screenshots as the rest of you.

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Throw me a bone here... I'm sorry for acting rude, but I would like to I guess fit in with the rest of the Doom Community...


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If you're using Doom Builder and your map is in Hexen format, then go to the Scripts menu and click on Edit BEHAVIOR Lump. It will show you the script editor.

For ZDoom, you put this at the top:

#Include "zcommon.acs"
Each script you write is, in programming terms, a "method". A simple Hello World would look like this:
#Include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 Open
	Print(s:"Hello World!");
For more information on the available functions and other ACS stuff, see the the ZDoom Wiki. In Doom Builder's script editor, you can use CTLR+SPACE to AutoComplete function names (also helps you looking for available functions) and if you put your cursor in a function (for example, like this: Pri|nt) and press F1, it will show you the corresponding Wiki page with more information about the function.

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I camp this thread because I only had one hour. Of course I was impatient, but by no means was THAT the way to fit in.

Somebody close this, please.

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