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Evilution Map18 - Mill in 1:33

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I made a new thread for this one, since it's not related at all to the recent thing glide runs that have been appearing. We don't stop to take a close look at the maps often, but when we do, it seems that new possibilities are becoming apparent.


I believe this is the first trick of its kind to appear in an actual record, where you use a rocket blast to change your direction in midair, rather than just give yourself a boost over a gap. I believe the closest we've gotten to seeing a trick like this is on map29, which is available at the nostalgia section of Compet-N. Unfortunately, map29 has no rocket launcher, so it remained a TAS affair.

Anyway, you can read the text file to find out why I was quite happy to have found this trick. :)

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Nice trick, and as you say not a very commonly used one - I can only think of the map29 one that you mention (might there be some in other TAS demos too?).

Perhaps the best thing about this though is that it cuts that ugly long wait out of the Speed route on this map. :)

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