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Another art contest?

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Well, if there's a genuine interest for another contest, I'm sure it could be arranged :) I'd prefer the writing contest to end first, though, in case someone would mind having both contests running at the same time (if they'd like to enter both, I mean).

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Not anytime soon. Currently the main focus are the writing contests. It's a one-at a time sort of thing as i don't want to put pressure on those wanting to compete.

Maybe the next art contest will after this writing contest. Maybe the one after that. Who knows. It overall depends on the demand for it, or whether or not we're prudent to breath fresh into it.

On the other hand though since we have Agnes now i would be more possible to have more than one contest going on at a time. We'll just let this writing contest finish then we'll see.

I do request however that such questions are not asked by starting a new thread. Please use private messaging in the future. I'm closing this thread for now, but after Writing compo no.2 has finished and we've had a chat about it i'll bump it open again to say the score.

Thank you.

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