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Stream Read Error

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I have an error, it occours when I try to load a 16bit.bmp:

"Stream Read Error" Then it puts an unnamed Marker in its place.

Deepsea(might have misspelled it) can do it fine, (I got a freind to do it) Do I have to convert it to the DooM Pallet First(Thats probably it, but I Dont have a program that can do that. PSP Expired)? I would really like to know whats going on...

Sorry if I seem pushy, but this error is just starting to get under my skin lol.

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Thanks for sending me the files. They are actually plain 24 bit images. I opened and resaved them with PhotoShop, XWE read those files without any problem. So I compared the two files to find out what's different: only two bytes! In your original files, on position $22 there are these two bytes: $02, $30. The files that PhotoShop saved were identical except there were $00's there. So Delphi's BMP reader messes up because those two bytes. Weird.

I wrote my own custom BMP loader instead, now they load fine. Probably needs extensive testing. Grab the beta: http://ca.geocities.com/xwe@rogers.com/xwe_beta.zip. Let me know if you find any more problems.

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