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Mappers needed for UA

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Greetings everyone.

I have been working on Unholy Alliance for Doom II for a while.
We have made progress but it's still going too slow.

Now I'm looking for talented mappers (knowledge of Zdoom is very good but not required).

For your information, this is not a megawad of random levels put together.
I have plans for each level's theme and objectives.

So if you want to help speed up the process, feel free to reply.

You can find the website @ http://www.numerometria.com/uanews.htm


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Huh, interesting project. I could give it a shot, I suppose. Do I need to provide anything with my mapping talent?

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@lerner: Can you send me some of your maps? Send them to Azriel666@gmail.com

@blackfish: thanks :)

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Hi. I'll give it a shot if it is ok with you. http://wip.paci-fist.org/. Go to ports/ doom2.exe then waste processing or something like that. It is by evilhomerdoomer (ME!) if you can't find it. PM me if I'm allowed.

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