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Final Fantasy VIII Gerogero model

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that is one messed up dude. reminds me a bit of the tantacle commando. he's got that animea mutated arm thing going on, Oh and his legs is messed up to.

this peice has alot of character. I love how subtle it looks.

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yes! the tantacle commando from D3 has an Animae squad guy-esque coupled with a butated tantacle arm. another Japanese thingy :)

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Coopersville said:

Ok, now you have to slow down.

Yeah man you have to be working yourself to the bone to get these done this fast.

Are you eating? Sleeping?
Having phonesex with Ralphis?

All the NORMAL stuph you are supposed to do in life?

Not like i care. Just keep turning out awesome models!

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I work very fast and most of the figures only take me a day or two to make. Brains took three, but he was a bit more ambitious and had numerous moving parts to contend with. I spend a lot of time on them, but I don't work myself to the bone by any means - I eat, sleep, and all that other fun (and not-so-fun) stuff. Like anything in life, if you enjoy doing something, you invest some time into it.

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