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pk3 files ... EDIT: MD2 Model Question

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New Post: I didn't want to waste more forum space with two questions in a row, especially if the last one was dead obvious... Is there a way to convert 3Ds max files to MD2/MD3 models so they may be used within the doomsday environment?

Old Post:
ive searched the forums for this topic but haven't found anything, I know that doomsdayhq.com used to maybe have a utility, or maybe it didn't. Does anyone know where I can find a program to make pk3's out of zips, or at least a folder, or chosen files?

edit: i can't get jdoom's wadC to work... otherwise i'd just use that.
this question applies to... ANYTHING that will make one file for jdoom other than a zip

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i know i remember seeing a converter somewhere, but I'm not sure where. that must have been one elaborate program

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