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Doom2: Carcassville DM (re)released!

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Hi everyone!

I have just re-released an old DM wad of mine called Carcassville.
It was originally intended for jDoom but I have remade so that you can play it with any source port, even vanilla Doom2.

You can find it at azriel.50megs.com under /maps/deathmatch.
The file is carcass.zip


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Looks good I like that music,is it from hexen or heretic?
Its good to see that its a pretty dark level,it will make this level more creepy.

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I took the .mid file from Hexen II and converted it into .mus
But I think that song is also used in Hexen, I'm not sure since I don't own Hexen. :(

And yeah I did make it dark, but not too dark. It works well for this level.

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I have the full version of heretic and I have the demo of hexen also but it doesn't seem to work on my pc. :( But I got it from Hexen II. That game has GREAT music for horror wads.

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