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Naked Snake

Living it out PT II

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Still confused, BBG held the pistol tight. He heard a gurgle and turned, facing the sound, aiming the handgun. "What the fuck is that?" he thought looking at the thing. It was brown, had spikes and it was muscular. Fuck fuck fuck! It was a fuckin' monster! He stood there, staring like a fool, and the thing growled at him. That snapped him back. Growling probably means its pisses. It tossed a fireball at BBG, and he ducked, but the fireball hit his shoulder. He grunted in pain and started firing, blasting its chest, spraying crimson blood against the wall, and the thing howled in pain. Well, at least it can be hurt. He finally killed it and looked down on its body. He panted while he wiped the sweat from his forehead. God, what the fuck? He saw a red square on the ground. He walked up and put his hand out, but his hand disapeared. He freaked out and thought his hand was burnt off, so he jerked his hand back, expecting to pull back a stump. His hand followed, and he gazed at it. What in the hell? He stepped onto the square and was in another room in an instant. Sheeit! It was a teleporter thingy. Now where to go?

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