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Story time!

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That is HELLA FUNNY!!! That guy is totally NOT a hacker.
A good hacker does not have to ask your IP, they'll find it out on their own. Good hackers also don't have a problem with fire walls.

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I hope he comes back on one day and instead of saying: "I realized I hacked myself" he says "Elch! You bastard girl! You hacked me and deleted all my files! Whats your IP?"

Some people are so dumb.
Lesson learned to all those poser-hackers you encounter, some might be real but a lot of them just try to scare you!!

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Danarchy said:

Bahaha...I hate wannabe hackers.

No kiddin, this is a bunchabullshit!!!
Haha, he's like "0'll hax0r ur b0x d00d"
Ah hahaha what a lamer...

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This deserves no comment... only a bowing of the head in shame.

*does exactly that*

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nightice said:

Real hackers are actually called crackers.

rms wouldn't be very amused.

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HACKING - Gaining access to somebody elses computer to see thier stuff

CRACKING - Gaining access to locked software without paying

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