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Thing_SpawnNoFog(or not) and deafness.

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Since all the people on #zdoom were busy raping markov, I might as well post here.

I got some demons spawning, but they are not deaf, while i wish them to be. setting the map spot as deaf did not work, not that i expected it to.

the big problem is that if the player has made any sound even *before* the spawns, the demons will still wake up and activate upon spawning!

Any ways to make these guys deaf on spawn?

Setting thing props does not work, as they are already activated when they spawn.

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Now, I will press ctrl+Y to start teh revolution of fornification!

Wait a second... damnit I am sorry. What are you trying to do, make it so that a demon does not hear silenced/melee weapons? Or make it so that demons can't activate, even when there is sounds from a weapon or something playing?

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I dont think you could have missed the point any further than you already have.

I want my spawned demons to be deaf. simple as that. and setting them as deaf after they spawn will not work.

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You have to spawn them with a tid and then use SetActorProperty(tid, APROP_Ambush, true); to make them deaf. Setting the deaf atribute to the map spot intentionally won't have any effect.

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mmkay! that might work. I toyed with that idea but i was not sure.

Thanks man.

Edit: Didnt work...

I have this in an open script:
SetActorProperty(42, APROP_Ambush, 1);

I tried true instead of 1 as well... no go.

And this is how I'm spawning em:
Thing_SpawnNoFog (6,5,30,42);

It compiles fine. Just doesnt work.

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