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I'm stuck getting nowhere

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I'm playing the Xbox version of Doom 3. I'm at the part where I've just talked to Dr. Rogers. I'm supposed to proceed to unlock the entrance to the caverns and I guess destroy the Hellgate. Thing is I'm going around looking for a new door to open or scan and nothing is happening. No new doors are opening. All I'm doing is just going around in circles. I did notice though, I don't think I have Richard Davis's PDA. I don't know if that is the reason no new doors are opening. I can't seem to find his PDA either. I'm looking in Lab Sector 2 and Site 3 Hub and Artifact Research and everywhere but am getting nothing. What do I got to do to continue here?

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I've got the PDA belonging to Dr. Rogers but when I go back to the Freight Control room the door will not open. And I'm thinking maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I don't have the PDA belonging to Richard Davis. I've looked everywhere for it and it's nowhere. The guides say it's in the room with them large screens but I've looked and it's not anywhere. I've even tried restarting the whole Site 3 level and the same thing happens.

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I got it now. I found a way. It just sucks that the guides don't tell you properly. And it doesn't help that they changed the Xbox version from the PC version.

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