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bryant robinson

Some info about Team Demise's future

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I'm back with some news about the Demise site. For most of you who dont know who the heck am I...I made a few wads some years back called: Project Slipgate, Dark7mpk, and Southern Cross Gold just to name a few. Basically the news is I'm finishing up on some projects I have been working on for a while called 'The Fallen' 'Gothic Dreams Final' 'Storage Area V.2' 'Braham Manor Revisited' and 'Silent Steel V.2' After those projects are done I wont be mapping for classic doom as much. The Solution and I are starting to begin work on the Doom3 engine since I can be more creative in that.
Just wanted to thank all for helping me out in my old wads in terms of ideas and bug fixes!

Bryant Robinson

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