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Zdoom Project in the works

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Greetings everyone, I have been working on a massive undertaking for doomsday called "fatal disaster", and decided to take a small break for it to make this little zdoom wad. Though it is my first attempt i would like to share the screens and get some feedback to see what you all think i should add and if my mapping for this project is worthwile.

So feel free to fire some ideas and critques at my work.


Dark Shadow

Link to my screens site for both projects..

Zdoom- angelfire.com/games5/darkshadow2004/zdoom_screens/

Doomsday- angelfire.com/games5/darkshadow2004/Screens/

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Hey shadow, are the screens geblend or is this a hires mode ?


Edit : I have already say to you that It looks Beautiful on wadsinprogress

Keep on going.

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the screens were taken in zdoomgl..i dled the latest test version last night. the resolution is 1280x1024. but in software mode it looks pretty much the same just a little less smooth.

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Plenty of lighting and atmosphere, very little height variations. Make it more interesting to play, not just look at :O

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Thanks Udderdude, umm any ideas on your "height variations" comment...the main focus of those older shots was the basic layout of the "corridor structure" for the map. Though they do look rather plain i agree, but IMO halls aren't supposed to be too detailed, though detail is required for aesthetic purposes :)

i have some more stuff made..but i am a "patchwork" mapper..that means i work on parts of the map then jump to others..and go back to the "incomplete bits" finish off those ideas, but with a few tweaks..connect them to the other crap..etc..etc..kinda redundant at times but i am weird like that :P

Is the zdoom wiki the only place to learn ACS? i kinda want to learn some basic acs just so the map is not using zdoom "slopes" but incorporates some simple but well needed scripts..IE a location name appearing on the screen, objectives etc..etc..the usual stuff ya know.

IF i don't do any ACS, well it'll just be a typical "doom 1" style map...kill..kill...get to the exit..blah blah blah :P

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