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Angus Thermopyle

Scythe Map26 UV -fast in 3:14

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I just send this to Opulent.

From my txt-file:
"I improved the time by 48 seconds, because I've changed in my prboom.cfg the setting monster_avoid_hazards to 0. Thx to TheHappySpoon for this information in the DW forums, and to Anima Zero for proving its use in a real demo (ks08-600).

Now the revenants at the crusher/teleport react correctly and there is no desynching after pressing the crusher switch as 9 months ago. I'm now able to run to the switch as fast as possible, therefore the huge improvement."

I also did a new maxrecord for Map06 in 1:21. It had the same desynching problem in the past.
Thx again to TheHappySpoon and Anima :)

EDIT: Just read your new sticky thread about prboom, Grazza. Very nice! Thx :)

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"Note that many people experience a weird "turn-snapping" problem at start-up with prboom.exe, and find it hard to get a relatively fast start (compared with using Doom2.exe) with either version - it apparently isn't possible to get any movement within the first 0.22 seconds, and good timing is needed to avoid losing further time beyond that."

I experience that, and I can sometimes manage to nullify it by moving the mouse around a bit as the game starts up. Once it loads up completely, I'll still be facing forward, but not get that instant snap-turn at the start.

It doesn't always work, as it actually takes a degree of practice on its own, but it does help.

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