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Character Coloring, Ninja RPGs, And Weirdness

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Part 1

So today I finally decided to take Photoshope (Adobe, I usually use Jasc PSP 7) and try coloring some stuff that I've scanned in. I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out, though I obviously have some practice ahead of me.

Part 2

A while back I came up with the idea of doing an rpg (video game) based around ninja clans of different elements at war with eachother. The idea came to me when me and my long-time friend, Desmond, met at Walmart one day and were talking about Ninja Gaiden, and thought it'd be awesome if there was a strictly rpg-based game based around a ninja. Later I came up with this and me and my wonderful boyfriend, Kevin, have been thinking up stuff for it since and doing concept drawings of various things. I thought I'd show off some of the work we've come up with so far.

1. Sketch for the Touketsu-Mizu (Frozen-Water) Clan's temple.

2. Touketsu-Mizu Clan's Island, located quite a way off of the western coast of the yet to be named continent on the world this takes place in. All the other ninja clans have their temple of worship and grounds on the main continent.

3. Touketsu-Mizu Clan ninja outfit concept. The ninja outfits aren't going to be your average, well-known outfits just in different colors. Since the Touketsu-Mizu Clan is the clan for the element of water, I tried to come up with something a bit more elegant. As you can see, their ears are pointed at the top, but are still normal sized.

4. Ash Plains concept, by Kevin. He's told me the sketch is darker in real life, but the scanner made it look lighter. I like it alot. The ash plains are south of the wastelands and east of a very volcanic and fluctuating part of the continent in the north west. The constant ash and sulfur has stopped any plant life here and it looks more like an above-ground graveyard. They'd probably be better called the Dead Plains, but Ash Plains creates an image more like what it'd be.

Part 3

I've been drawing some really weird shit lately.

Picture 1: drawing in charcoal and gel-ink pen of the villain's realm in a story I wrote a few years ago.

Picture 2: All your base are belong to the dark dragon spirit

Picture 3: Did this yesterday. No idea what it's supposed to be.

Picture 4: Living furniture. Huzzah!

Picture 5: Uh, I have no clue what it's supposed to be. I just sat down and drew it. I ended up naming it Tree of Uncertain Paths, because it kinda looks like a tree, with a ton of different patterns and paths. So...yeah.

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