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My New Level [Updated Now with Screenies]

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its a pk3 file with 8 minute song, title song + intermission song
it takes place of map02 and a bonus level takes the place of map03
map02 is part of a future megawad with huge plot if i decide to go
through with it. Sound Effects, a Chapter 1 titlepic, a few ded files,
and some high res textures are included in this pk3, and should load
immediately with doomsday kickstart. if not, retry a few times. thats
all i had to do


edit: the detail isn't THAT great, and it might be real choppy on slow
non up to date computers

May8 Update: Now there is a page for it, with screenshots, and download links to individual elements in pk3 form: main(map,defs,titlepic), music(3 mp3s), sfx, and hi resolution gfx

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screenshots, screenshots!!
I'm ADD generation I need visual stimulus to whet my appetite for any WAD.

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You might want to make bigger (and perhaps brighter) screen shots... I can't see much on those.

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16.3 MB? No wonder nobody replied. :P

I see some screenshots on a page now. It looks ok, you might want to work on detailing the rooms a bit more. And make em bigger!

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