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ZDoom map almost done, have question

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How can I make those balloons move along with the floor? The floor scrolls and moves the player but nothing else. I remember playing a map where ammo moved on conveyors so I know it can be done, but I forget which map it was.

I'll try to get this map into newstuff either this week or next week, depending on how playtesting goes. Oh yeah, if anyone wants to playtest, tell me and I'll email it to you or just go to my website and download it (if theres enough bandwidth).

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As for an actual suggestion:

Try looking around the wiki for pushers and whatnot. Not sure exactly what they do, but it sounds like the right direction.

Maybe wind?

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Ajapted said:

The balloons are not floating objects?

The balloons in the screenshot aren't. I tried putting ammo in place of the balloons and still no effect.

Jehar: Thanks for the tip, I've looked there before but I'll try again. As far as I know a pusher is basically wind.

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