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Don't Buy Discount Cereal!

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  1. The cereal was likely not packed with the snake inside it.
  2. There are several opportunities in which the snake could have ended up in the box: at the factory, during shipping, in the store, or in the home.

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I think corn snakes are second only to ball pythons for the title of most popular captive snake. It is extremly likely it is was a pet.

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Doomsoldier said:


Yum, spamwitch's, my favorite!!!11!!11
Any ways, The finding of the snake would have been sweet! I would not have ate the cereal just because... But probably still go buy another box so I CAN eat it (or may be find something else thats cool:P)

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Man, I remember that time I poured my cereal out and all I got was a baby. Why can't I get some reptiles or something for a change?

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