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I've designed countless maps in great detail, with all kinds of features but I've never actually built a WAD, I started one and never finished, but I'd like to give it a shot again, I have a hard time not designing a map that is too advanced for my skills, I do this in everything, anyone else suffer from this? Any tips for starting small?

I did design a fairly simple map E1 style that just uses doors and no switches that build staircases or raise pillars, turn off lights, release demons, etc.

Okay my point, I used DeepSea before, what are some of the other good editors out there?

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Doombuilder and apparently Wadauthor are good editors too, you should give them a try.

Oh, and wrong forum :P

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thanks fo rputting this in the right place, mods, sorry about that I wasn't paying attention >:O

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