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Guess I better start pimpin this.

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Well. Been working on a "small" map for a while now. Isn't it funny how these small things get bigger and bigger? Anyways.

The concept is focused on high-gameplay, non-linearity, and I think it is coming together quite nicly so far.

The main structure is a series of pentagram-shaped hallways, with the inner area blocked off. Simply enough, there are 5 switches, one on each outer segment of the pentagram, that gives access to the inner area, where a surprise awaits ;).

The cool part is that as the player moves through the level, different areas are blocked off, givin access to, etc by way of shifting walls. Given the shape of the level, the player has a lot of initial freedom as to where to go. So I am making each of the 5 areas interconnect with each other in the way they change. Add to this the fact that there are more than one way through a given area, each different way affecting surrounding areas in different ways.

I realize this could *very* easily be done crappily, frustratingly, and, well, crappily.
Which is why I am giving a lot of thought to the general intuitivness of the level.

Anyways. Sounds quite boring in writing, but me (grammer h4x) and those around me can see that this is shaping up to be quite complex and non-linear. In a good way.

As of now nothing all that flashy exists in the level, so if you want some screenshots i am willing to post, but the screenies cannot portray the gameplay I am putting down.

Wow. That *does* sound quite boring when written down. But hey. Stay tuned and whatnot.

And BTW I do have about 3\5 of the level\scripting done, so the end is in sight.

Feel free to flame\encourage\or whatnot.

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Can you show some screens altough they don't show much of the gameplay part,im still interessted in seeing the design of your level:)

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