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A month's worth of new sketches (NON DOOM RELATED)

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Most of it is Megaman X fanart and Metal Gear Solid fanart, but I do have original stuff in the mix too, including a comic. This was all a month's worth of work by the way:

Megaman X and Zero
It's just Megaman X and Zero posing. X is holding Zero's Z-sabre and Zero's just standing there... This was my first attempt at shading, and honestly it's not that great...

Megaman X and Zero fighting two repliroids
The two repliroids turned out pretty good (although one of them is just its head). I know the background sucked, but it was filler space. Zero turned out ok, although I probably should have worked on X a bit more.

Another EVA sketch!
I got the pose from Zero off of the Japanese Rockman Zero 4 site from the character profile page. The gun looks like crap, I know. But there wasn't any way I could really emulate the same angle as the Z-Buster. Oh and her arms are a bit messed up.

Sokolov gets his revenge!
I was originally going to draw Tatyana in the background all "Ooooh! Sokolov saved me!" and stuff, but I couldn't find a good picture of her, so it's just Sokolov messing up Volgin! I personally like this picture the best.

Just one of the sketches with EVA and Zero
Zero's with EVA!? Blasphemy! Yeah yeah. It should be Snake or someone else, but who cares. So yeah, I was inspired to draw this for this idea I had for a mini Flash series involving these two and them fighting the Cobra Unit and the Neo Arcadian army, but I canned it though. This was probably my best effort on drawing EVA, but I'm sure you're probably thinking "Yeah right" or something.

Another sketch with EVA and Zero
I kinda liked this one. It's my own poses this time, although Zero's left foot is bigger than his right foot, so that kinda sucks... Oh and EVA's got her Mauser and the Z-buster. She's Duel Weilding...

My final sketch with EVA and Zero
The poses were taken from the Sega Saturn cover for Megaman X 4. Not sure what to say about this one. Zero's helmet and face turned out alright but I probably should have taken another hour on trying to fix EVA's face...

And now for some original work!

Exterminators information
Exterminators official weapon concept art

These are two concept artwork. You probably won't know what the hell I'm talking about. If you have a slight idea what I am talking about, that means you have played my Doom mods. These guys were also mentioned in my latest Flash movie called Phantom. Sorry if the text is illegible... I'll make a write-up for them one of these days...

Assault on Fort Poke-Heinzer
Ok, this is a comic that is basically one of many side stories to Pokestein-3D, a Wolfestein 3D mod. Lizardcommando's not in though, but basically, the LSMC (Lizard States Marine Corp) have to storm a small Poke-Army fort, but it's not gonna be easy. Lotsa violence in this comic strip. Oh and sorry for the somewhat ubrupt ending. I just couldn't think of anything else to draw.

Sorry about the drawings being so small, but Photobucket's resized them, so you probably won't be able to read any of the text.

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I'm sorry, but isnt this a doom website? , and don't NONE of these anything to do with doom? like not even the slightest bit, not.. eva robot gets doomed!! or i call this manga picture i drew doom, it has NOTHING to do with doom, this is a doom website, am i the only one that gets that?

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Yeah, where have you been dude?

Otherwise i praise the lizard here for his efforts. I like the anti-pokemon comic, even if it is low-res.

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Ok, i found some really old stuff.

Pokestein product concept art
Another product concept art

These are mock ups for a "normal retail version" and a "limited edition version" for pokestein 3d. The normal retail version is just a cd case with a title pic. The limited edition version has the game, along with some extra stuff like an artbook, a "making of" DVD, a wall scroll, and a metal figurine. Check out the ridiculous price on the limited edition pack! :D

The other concept art is just the back cover of the "normal retail version" that has some artwork and a screenshot. There's also another CD case which is called Pokestein Redux. That's the expansion pack for Pokestein 3d which is supposed to support 4 player coop and have new weapons, enemies, and a new engine! :D Of course, none of this still will actually be made though! These concept sketches were made 2 years ago.

My first Pokestein 3D comic
This was made back in 2000 when I first made the Doom version of Pokestein 3d. You can totally tell how much things have changed in terms of character design and the story. The website doesn't even exist.

Pokestein 3D flash movie concept
This was a comic I made a year ago. This is the rough concept for the Pokestein 3D intro movie which will be made in flash. I might actually start this Flash movie after I finish with two other projects of mine...

Again, photobucket resized the comics, so you won't be able to read the text unfortunately...

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