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modding your phone?

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bought a shiny samsung d500, just bought a bluetooth connector thing and now my phone and PC are together in harmony. I've been adding my own (poorly) edited sounds and ringtones, and I was thinking about going further...

so, how easy would it be to hack my phone up and change the base skins / ghey tones in the actual OS? anyone played with this stuff before?

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My Nokia 3650 has the Doom logo as it's background, a picture of a doomguy shooting a cacodemon as the oplogo, and e1m1.mid as my ringtone. Oh yeah, I also have shareware Doom on it.

Here's a simulated image I made with the GIMP and some picture of my phone I found online: http://server.nescientia.com/files/cellphone.jpg

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Anyone seen the Rustlers with the modded microwaves. Or last months Viz with modded fridges?

"Go colder stripes, Alloy baskets, Serious ICE(cube trays)"

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