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SLADE v0.4 release

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Well here it is, the next release of my doom editor, SLADE. It's probably still got a few bugs, but I hope it's more usable now than the last release ;)

Head over to http://slade.mancubus.net to see whats new and download it.

And like I said on the news page, please report any bugs over at the SLADE forums.

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I for one think this will be a very promising editor. I already made a portion of my cc3 map in slade ^_^

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Heh, looks like I didn't update the link on the downloads page to point to v0.4. So redownload it if you got 0.3 instead...

Also, the source is now up.

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Hey this is really nice. I loved DCK.

Keep up the very promising work, SLADE could be a contender.

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