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I started my first doom level

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Yay for me,

I started my first doom level last night, technically not my first because I made a dew with doomEd like 7 years ago but they never made it onto this site and they were not that great, no doors in any of them!

So this is it, It's still very early but its coming along well and I'm having a blast with Doombuilder, hands down the best editor I've used to date. I just wanted to let somebody know and share my excitement, I'll be uploading it here when its done. I've entitled it THE MOAT and here is the sketch of it I did a while back.


kind of hard to see but gives you an idea of the scale I hope. So far I've finished that big square part in the middle.

That is all! :)

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yeah I have all the intricate levels I've been burning to create, especially before I forget the layout cause half of its in my head, like textures and floor heights, flats, lighting. they all include all sorts of tags, switches diverse elevations and a cohesive theme.



I have updated the picture to show my progress more clearly and will be using this throughout the levels progress...a generic little key: the red squares are enemies the green is player and brown are items, yellow are doors or tripwires, lifts, etc.


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