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A wad I'm making

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I'm making a wad specificly for Zdaemon. I call it Doomcraft. Rather then two clans facing eachother in a endless CTF or TDM match, Doomcraft will have it's own mode of play. The battle(s) take place in a large city with no weapons (except in the "bases"). Each team (red and blue) need to aquire weapons by taking base, a team will need to make their way to the control room of each base and use the buttons to close the doors, raise their flag, (By pressing the "red" or "blue" buttons) and unlock the base's armory. Smaller bases will contain weaker weapons such as shot guns and chain guns. Medium sized bases contain stronger weapons such as super shotguns and rocket launchers. The HUGE bases contain heavy weapons such as the BFG 9000 and the Plasma rifle.
The bases may sound impenatrable but, each base has opening(s). The bigger the building, the more ways to enter.

In addition to the bases, there will be guard towers that players can use to spot enemies from far off. You can usually find heath and ammo clips in them.

I haven't set a release date yet. More information will be revealed later.

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Sorry about the lack of screen shots.
Here they are.

Small base

Inside a medium base

Entrance to medium base

Control room of the medium base

armory of the medium base

In case you're wonder what the keys and ammo inside the control room are for, they're symbols of what each control panel does.
Red key: Raise the red flag
blue key: raise the blue flag
Red skullkey: lower the red flag
blue skullkey: lower the blue flag
Rocket: opens the armory

Keep in mind that the screenshots are of the early stages. The map won't look so crappy when it's done.

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Thats sounds an intresting project, i hope it goes well for you. the pics need more detail (but i guess you know that), you might want to have a sky box or a fake one rather than a solid wall in pic 1.

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