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Where's the ACS tutorial PWAD for Hexen?

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I remember having this once. It was a Hexen PWAD meant to teach you about ACS scripting. As I recall, when you started the level, it said "Welcome <name of class you chose>" and then as you went around the map it showcased various effects with advice on how to create them.

I tried to find it on the archives, but my search was unsuccessful. Is it not there, or did I just overlook it? I would like to have this again if anyone knows where I can get it.

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You probably just overlooked it, here's the actual link:


As you can see, the tutorial is the most successful ACS beginners tutorial available anywhere (from what I could find), it has extensive explanations on every detail of the scripting language, its the greatest, but there's one problem that I'm sutck into:

The TUTORIAL.doc text, which is the actual detailed information, stops abruptly at page 7 on the Fancy Earthquake section. It's obviously not the intended ending, it just seems the tutorial was released incomplete. I've tried looking for info on the author (Chris White) as his e-mail adress is dead, because I just NEED to ask him if he ever get to finish the tutorial and the version available online is just outdated, but no luck so far. I'm getting really desperated, so if ANYONE knows something about this particular tutotial's history, or knows the author, please help me ontacting him or direct us to the finished version, if it exists at all.

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