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Scabbed Angel


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Howdy folks! This past Friday and Saturday I was at With_Teeth Live in chicago at the congress theatre. Being the huge nailhead that I am, this was an awesome experience, and figured I'd let you all know so you can flame, or if you were at the show, to discuss your experience. First off, the setlist:

the wretched

(then the sound got messed up and there was a 10-20 min intermission, so that was neat and trent was happy)

march of the pigs
the line begins to blur
("sorry for the fuckup, pigs!")
terrible lie
with teeth
big come down
gave up
the world went away
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

you know what you are?
the collector
March of the Pigs
every day is exactly the same
the line begins to blur
No You Don't
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Terrible Lie
the hand that feeds
Head Like a Hole

The concert was awesome, Trent was very passionate in his performace, they played some really awesome songs that I wasn't expecting (burn, suck, reptile, with teeth, etc). The lighting/stage dressing could have been a little more elaborate, but it's simplicity didn't take away from the show at all, and this was more of a warmup for the larger fall shows anwway. The congress theatre was really cool, had much better sound than any of the shitty theaters here in wisconsin. The opening band, the Dresden Dolls were a pleasant suprise... rarely do I find myself cheering for a band I don't know, or learning their songs by the second night, for that matter. My favorite part of the show was before "The Hand that Feeds" where Trent prefeaced with a dedication: "This song is for George Cocksucker Bush!"

So that's the long and short of it, I got a camera in the second night but only three pictures turned out decent... I'll post them later if anyone is interested.

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Jehar said:


ROLF! Yeah... despite that strange chorus vocal, I think that's my fav song on the new album.. happy as hell he played it live : )

Danarchy said:


Non-album track only avail on picture vinyl and japaneese import version... I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet because the needle on my record player is broke : (

No beside you in time : (

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Is pinion prefaced by strings etc ala fragile period? I love listening to how that song mutates from tour to tour.

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Trent said that when they come back to the U.S. this fall the stage setup and the production will be quite a bit more elaborate, as they'll be touring in bigger venues rather than small venues or doing club shows. I'll be seeing them in Chicago then, so perhaps if you go then I might see you there.

Anyway, as much as I'm sure everyone here hates MTV, you might want to tune in on June 9th for the MTV Music Awards, as Trent & Co. will be performing at some point during the show. I have no idea what song he's performing, hopefully it'll be one they haven't played yet from With Teeth (Kinda like they did The Fragile at the 1999 VMA's). Personally I'm hoping for a performance of Every Day Is Exactly the Same.

BTW, the pulsating synth from "Beside You In Time" is used for the intro, I think. If you look there's bootlegs here and there of various shows. I'd like to see Beside You In Time live though, I'm sure it'd be wicked.

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Nailheads unite! Sadly, I couldn't make the concert, but personally, I'm with Mallis, I'm more of a The Fragile dude, some of the songs on the list are great though, just, I'm a fan of the way-out guitar riffs and tricks, and not so much of the newer songs, although I like the beat to "The Hand that Feeds".

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