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feature request: line highlighting

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would work similar to thing filter, when in line mode a few toggle buttons could appear on the taskbar, when on they would highlight lines with certain flags set. specifically "blocks sound" and "blocks monster" .. so when looking at a map and after moving some sectors around i can hit them buttons and see what's what. cos it's a pain when you've broken a sound blocking setup in a fairly open map and have to check the flags of loads of lines to try to remember which block and which dont (and selecting the lot and getting a "half" checked box in the properties isnt much help either!)

a similar thing could be extended to sectors too, e.g. ones that hurt the player (could highlight all your slime in your map, for example) or secret.

it'd be good if the thing filter was done in a similar way too, or at least a basic functionality of it so one could very quickly switch between editing skill levels

edit: just to clarify, i'm not suggesting every possible option for lines/blocks/things be presented as a highlight/filter option, just the handiest ones!

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FYI DB currently does have a different color assigned to "block sound". By default it's a bluish color. You must not have the latest version (1.66), or your old config file (if you updated DB) somehow messed with it.

Just go to the config menu and move on over to the colors tab. It's on the first row, 3rd one from the bottom.

To my knowledge blocks monster doesn't have one though.

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oh yeah, it showed up when i changed to 1.67. thanks for that, duh! but um, yeah, blocks monster would be handy too (though could get nasty if a line does both?)

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i thought about this: how about a toggle button on the toolbar, it defaults to block sound but clicking it swaps the blue highlight to blocks monster?

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