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CrackWhore (Different MultiPlayer MODELs?)

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Hi All,
I know the original modeller was fired (can't recall his name top of my head) but are there any alternative models (male or female, preferably female!) models for DOOM3?


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He wasn't fired.

You can use Google to figure out how to use other models in multiplayer -- it's pretty complicated, and the method won't work in pure servers (pretty much every active server out there). The reasoning behind having one multiplayer model is because of the per-poly-hit detection in DOOM 3.

In previous games, an invisible bounding box, or hit box, surrounded every character. If you shots hit anywhere on that box, regardless of model shape/size, you'd damage him.

In DOOM 3, it's different. If you shoot between the legs, you will miss. In order to keep things fair, they only allowed one model in mp.

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