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Jerimiah McKade,Demonhunter pt 1

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Another Story from me...No relation to Mad Dash or anything.Loosly set in the Wad Jerizona.Hope you like it...

It had been weeks since Jerimiah McKade had heard from anyone.No Oil Tankers to bring his Monthly supply of Oil to his little gas station In the middle of the Death Valley Desert.But he had caught bits and pieces of news on the radio about widespread panic...but now the radio was deathly Silent.

But back in His 40 year old mind...no...nevermind

You can say Jerimiah McKade was a man of the world.He was an Ex-Marine,Ex-Marine Chaplain,Ex-Preacher.He was discharged from the Marine Corp with Mental Discharge,After seeing people blow to pieces,Burned alive,Turned inside out,and the new flesh Melting Plasma Weapons tearing through enemy troops in the 3rd world war...he was never the same.
He then started his own non-denominational Church in Texas;soon thereafter he began recieving Visions,Visions so strange he was booted out of his own church after sharing them with the congragation.
He eventually lost faith but the disturbing visions continued.Hellish dreams of the undead feasting on the flesh of the living,Demons tearing the wings off angels and ripping them apart with their bare hands.He believed the dreams were of the apocolypse...but what could he do to prevent it???All he was...a nutcase with crazy visions.
Eventually he found a gas station for sale in the death valley desert.The 87 yr old owner had finally died of radiation poisoning...no one knew how that had happened.So McKade bought the run down gas station/house.Eventually he found himself scouring the surroundings desert...he didnt know why he was doing it,he just was.

He ran across some very interesting items

2 sets of UAC combat armor
A Rocket Launcher and 2 cases of Rockets
A double barreled and a pump action Shotgun,along with 10 casings of shells
a chainsaw
a UAC issued prototype Plasma Carbine

He salvaged what he could and continued to scour the area.He found out that what he had ran across is the remains of an abandoned Army base,and it was torn down and a gas station was built on top of it,explaining why there was so many armaments in the area.

At night,he worked contiuously on the Carbine under the light of his overhead lamp.Something guided his hands,told him how to make this rifle work.He didn't need a Plasma Weaponry for Dummies or an Anarchist Cook book 2017;he was an expert Plasmacist and he didnt even know it.
While Chaplain he learned out to make holy water,and every day he would work at blessing every bullet and shell.
His hands were guided to carve the Phrase "May the Lord god have mercy on your soul" on the left barrel of his double barreled shotgun and the word "Demonslayer" on the right.There it was spelled out for him...
He was to be a demonslayer...
"WHAT?!?!THATS FUCKING INSANE,I'VE NEVER SEEN A DEMON IN MY LIFE!!!" he would scream at the ceiling as if someone is was listening.

He now worked on fortifying his surroundings.

A Dropdown Shield for the front Counter
Detonators for the Gas Pumps
High Beams Lights on the Small building on the mesa across from the Gas station.
He had a years worth of groceries Stocked up.

Still refusing his calling,the visions stopped and the Heavenly Guidence Ceased.

Then there were Headlights

One night he saw headlights,the first person that he had seen in 2 months.The car stopped in front of the gas station and a Man Staggered out.A Feeling of danger swamped McKade as the winds changed course,but now there was no wind now...the air grew,musty,stale...dead.

The man staggered into the station bleeding profusely.

"Please...my family"He gurgled as he held his intestines in place...

But before another word could be spoken the man collapsed,his innards slattering all over the tile flooring...He was dead.McKade Grabbed his Demonslayer and ran out to the car

Locked and Loaded just in case.

In the old beat up car there were 3 children in the back seat and a young woman in the front...all of them were dead.The stench made McKade Gag and gasp for clean air.Their rotting skin falling off their bones.They had been dead for weeks now...

He started to walk back into the Gas station to get ahold of the sheriff but he heard the Car door slam violently and he turned to see the young woman walk around the front of the car.Running back to the Woman he put his hand on her shoulder.

"are you alright??I thought you..."

That stench...he smelled the stench of the dead...the same stench that he smelled back in Moscow after the Merciless slaughter in the Red Square that left the Cities Entire Undead Population Splattered all over the streets after the Prototype BFG 2047 was used.The after effects was the Weapon overheating and Detonating the small atomic core in the gun,turning people inside out within a 3 mile radius.The Government called it Justified since Various Scientists were conducting "Re-animation" Experiments there.So they ordered the Cleansing of the city to keep this "zombie effect" contained.

The Woman slowly raised her head,exposing her torn face...she smiled Demonically and opened her eyes which where hazed over grey.THe woman opened her mouth and let out an unearthly low pitched howl.

This...thing,was a Beacon for hell.McKade stared in blank horror as maggots and filth poured from her mouth.He Knew his time has Come.Just as she lunged for McKade he shoved the Barrel of his demonslayer into the stomach of the Undead woman,Unloading both shells into the zombie and blowing her insides onto the Hood of the car.The Blessed shells tore through the entity and burned her flesh to ash.

McKade reloded his demonslayer and turned to walk back into the Gas station,just as the other child of Hell ran out of the Station,making a dash for McKade just as he raised his shotgun and blew the Ghoul back to hell.

Turning back to the car,The Demonhunter saw The three children in the backseat of the car wrestled to get free of the seat belts so they can have at McKade.He Kicked the cars window in and took a Vial of Holy water and tossed it into the back seat.

White Flames erupted as the holy water drenched the rotten flesh of the children and burned then to the bone.The screams of the damned filled the Desert that night.

"May your souls rest in Peace,Amen." McKade prayed silently.

Stepping over the bodies he walked back to the station and Armed up as much as Possible.A Desert Eagle in one hand and his Demon Slayer in the Other.Strapping the Plasma Carbine to his back he started for the door...all of a sudden the desert lighted up with a red light and a Crack tore through the Blood red haze.Followed by the growls and Roars of demonic forces tearing through the Deminsional Barrier.

Jerimiah McKades Time has Come to Slay minions of hell.

To be continued

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Hey man, pretty good read.
I don't know how much experience you have so please take my little crits as just some freindly advice.

I liked the story, I liked the idea, but it can be a little hard to follow as you jump from one thing to another rather frequently (Some cases of this would be the moscow bit... just going from how it detonated and destroyed 3 miles then to the devilish stench and all that...If it had detonated, the bodies wouldnt be there? :P

Also once you've established the setting, names of things and the character's POV its a good idea (imo) to leave it at that, refresh the reader's memory about things from time to time... but dont use them in every other paragraph (the death valey one especially sticks out)

Like I said, its a good read man... please dont stop, pick up a few 'professional' stories (the library is sure to have anthologies on horror) and learn how to put it together... You've got the basis, now lets see it polished

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Thanks for the advice,I'll be sure to use it for part 2.

I guess the whole thing about the BFG detonating is cause usually when an enemy gets killed in doom it turns them inside out.Now that i think of it,if the core detonated and made a mini nuclear explosion it would have pretty much evaporated them.

Anyways...thanks for the hints.

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Im gonna change the Veiw of the story actually.
I told it like a story teller kinda thing right?Well im switching it to a normal story type...deal...Sorry...i got no sleep last night.

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