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Omgifol 0.2 released

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That's right, the second alpha version of Omgifol (for those who don't know, Omgifol is a Python library for WAD files) is out:



* Basic lump management (copying, moving, renaming, saving to files, etc)
* Editing the following special lumps: COLORMAP, PLAYPAL, TEXTURE1/PNAMES
* Saving/loading most common image formats
* Editing maps
* Encoding/decoding linedef types (including Boom types)

The zip includes three demo scripts:

* merge.py - merging multiple WADs
* mirror.py - mirroring maps
* drawmaps.py - drawing maps to image files (I used this to create map views for the Doom Wiki, see for example E1M4: Command Control)

Again, this is an alpha version: don't use it in a space shuttle. In addition to bug fixes, there are many things that will be added or changed for future releases.

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