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Heretic & Hexen config errors

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While using Doom builder to work with Heretic & Hexen, I've come across a few errors in the config file.

In the Heretic config, the thing number (1) is missing for the player one start, which results in it being unrecognized (d'oh!). Also, the sprite for the Heretic SP/Co-op starts should be "PLAYA1".

In the Hexen config, the Flame Mask is missing entirely, and the things for "Spike Up" and "Spike Down" are swapped (if I place what Doom Builder tells me is a spike up, in the game it's down and vice versa).

I've made edited versions of the configs to correct these issues, let me know if you'd like me to send them to you.

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At the moment I prefer to know in which structure I should look and what values I should change, because I have made many additions to all configurations for the next Doom Builder version. But I think I can figure these out, thanks ;)

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