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Grubber's Terrain Util

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Um. Though I wont support the request per se, I do feel that it will be integrated into things (especially DB) as the technology gets more refined.

Oh. And I also feel that if SLADE keeps getting updated, it could seriously turn into a great builder, creating some healthy competition between DB and Slade. wouldnt that be cool.

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I tried that terrain tool, but it is VERY inefficient. ZDoom even runs slow when walking overthe terrain. Im sure with some tweaking you could get it better at the cost of terrain detail, but this is a bad idea in general. Many sectors = fine, but many linedefs in your sight at once = bad. I dont think its a goode idea to implend this, not yet at least.

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Bloodshedder said:

I noticed some pretty severe framerate issues on somewhat larger maps I tried out.

Same, especially when I incorporated the terrain into a medium sized/detailed level the framerate hit the bricks.

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Currently Grubber is opemising the code and Randy is wondering how much work it would be to add a real terrain engine to the game, so this might turn out ok.

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