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The Flange Peddler

A couple of bugs

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Here’s a couple of bugs I’ve found in 1.66, I’m not sure if they’ve already been addressed, and I don’t know if anyone else has found anything different.

As I mentioned in the editing forum, the Invalid Texture/Flat Checker doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m assuming this should check for texture/flat names that don’t exist (the one’s that appear as ? ? ? ? in 3d mode). The checker simply doesn’t seem to find these (just change a texture/flat name to something non-existent and run the checker - it won’t be found).

A more annoying bug has been about for a while. Basically DB sometimes seems to change textures and their x/y offsets back to the default values. Quite often I’ve had rooms all textured up, only to add a new sector somewhere, and the textures and their offsets will get lost. Here’s an example.

Start a new map and draw a simple 256x256 square (sector 0). Inside that square, draw another 128x128 square in the middle (sector 1). It doesn’t matter if the linedefs face inwards or outwards. Make sector 1 16 units taller and shorter than sector 0, so the lines require upper and lower textures, and set them to something that’s not the default. Now, draw a third square sector (sector 2). This will occupy some space that used to be sector 0. Starting at the top left-hand vertex of sector 1, draw a line upwards and then continue your new sector round clockwise until you get back to the starting vertex (you will have had to ‘draw over’ the vertex at the top right-hand corner of sector 1, and draw over the 2-sided line connecting this vertex with your starting vertex). When you do this the upper/lower textures and their offsets on this 2-sided linedef will be reset to the default. If however, you draw another sector ‘inside’ sector 1 and draw over some of the 2-sided lines, the textures will be untouched.

Anyway, I hope that makes some sense. It's been bugging me for a while. It’s simple to recreate, but not so easy to describe :oP

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The invalid texture checker is meant to check only for sides that have no texture name at all (not even the - ).

I see what you mean with the textures when drawing over lines, ill see if I can change it a bit.

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CodeImp said:

I see what you mean with the textures when drawing over lines, ill see if I can change it a bit.

After some testing it seems you already did fix it with 1.67 :oP

Maybe this is the 'Corrected a weird behaviour in CCW drawing along existing sectors' bug mentioned in the changelog?

Any chance of having the invalid texture/flat checker look for the invalid (? ? ? ?) texture/flat names too (assuming you think it's useful)?

And one final thing after playing around with 1.67, the option to tab between showing existing and all textures/flats in the browsers is cool, but any chance there could be an option in the configuration to choose one or the other as the default? I had a look, and I may have missed it, but I don't think it's there at the moment.

Edit: Also, it seems at the moment you can only tab once, you can't tab back and forth (you have to exit the texture/flat viewer to go back).

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