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Strife almost not worth the strife...

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Alright, be prepared to beat me with flaming, blunt objects of various sizes...

I recently got a hold of the full version of Strife1.wad (and the voices and .exe, no movies) from a friend, and very excitedly set-up shortcuts on my desktop for ZDoom to open it up. I was greeted with the deadly "fatal" error. I'm sure you have all seen the ever-deadly FATAL ERROR:

Fatal Error

Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of -1024 bytes
GetLastError = 0

before. If you have any idea why it pops up, let me know. Checking around your Front-end links you have posted to Boom, Legacy, etc. etc., I found that none of them even mention compatibility with Strife, or any other wads. After all, they are focused around the Doom-types, right? Finally, I checked the ZDoom Homepage, and the guy only just recently got it to complete the demo version of Strife.

-------Why is it that Zdoom won't work with Strife?--------

Also, and less important, I get the Fatal Error:

Fatal Error

W_GetNumForName: STCFN033 not found!

when trying to run a pwad I downloaded. I recieve similar messages when trying to run other P-wads.

Go easy on me! Remember, I'm an idiot, and idiots make people feel better about themselves! I re-posted this in the Z-Doom forums to see if the problem can be solved there if it can't be solved here.

Basically, what I'm asking for is if ZDoom, which I have grown attatched to, is the right program to run these wads and pwads, and there is something I'm doing wrong, or if, in the case of Strife, there is a specific program out there that will run Strife for Windows XP. For my pwads, how do I get them to run with their respective .wad?

Thanks for the help!


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Come to think of it, I am a little out of date on Zdoom.

Thank you, insertwackynamehere.

Also, and update on the pwad status, Never mind! I got it to work. Pff. I'm an idiot. Thank you.

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millakilla199 said:

Come to think of it, I am a little out of date on Zdoom.

A little?

The errors suggest that you were at least 2 .5 years out of date. ;)

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