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Doom Builder version 1.67 released!

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Lobo said:

Hey, if your gonna do that then stick EDGE 3D extra floors support in there as well :)

Oh man, do you know how happy it would make me to see that? Building extrafloors in real-time? Of course, there would be a checkable option like "Enable live 3d floors" or something.

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From a recent question thread I posted, will we ever be able to a) split a linedef without needing to align the new vertex to the grid (a la DEU/DCK) or b) manually change a vertex's X/Y values in DB?

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Ehh, while the new version is great and all I think the new version is very very buggy.
Sorry to bump the thread but it's kinda important, as I'm randomly haven sectors lighting, floor and ceiling, and sector effects changing on me constantly in Doom2 mode. I havent tested it on any other modes but chances are it may be happening on those as well.

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