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Anima Zero

Halo of Wonders (Kaiser_14): UV-Max

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Whew, I just had to get this level outta the way. It's another one of those levels that desynched on me in the past. Not now though :).

Great Monster-Blaster level (1366 monsters on UV!). Also not that hard at all, other than some tricky fights. Did have some problems with one blasted imp at the end (Had to find him with IDDT), as well as a few parts taken slowly or could have gone better, but otherwise I'm satisfied with the demo.

Time is 32:33. I see sub 30 as a good time here with better handling of fights late in the level.

Oh, and... the final alien boss at the end had no chance at all :).

Sending the demo to Ops now.

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What a blastfest.

I love Kaiser's maps. That one is damn hard. I have many horrible deaths in there.

Great to see you tear em' up! Nice job.

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