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Some Lizard related drawings. (That means it's NOT Doom related)

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Hey, I got some more Lizard related drawings, although these are kinda old. They were made back in Febuary.

Lizardcommando posing with a katana
I dunno what to say about this. Just read the caption and you'll know what it is.

Pokestein Promo Sketch
I want to color this one, but I'm no good with photoshop. So yeah, Lizardcommando's defeated the Second-in-Command of the Poke-Army, Pikachu, so what's he do to celebrate? Get a cup of fine wine and sit on the throne of the former occupant! Of course, he's got a job to do, so he's gonna have to leave in a bit!

Yeah, that's all.

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mallis said:

are you familiar with the works of Da Bode?

Who is that?

udderdude said:

Cool stuff. Ever tried to color them in photoshop?

I would, but let's just say I fail it at photoshop... miserabley.

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Hmm, I dunno. I don't see the similarities.

Oh well, if there are similarities, then they are pure coincidences. I've never heard of this artist until today.

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