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My final flash movie

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Yeah, it's probably going to be my last flash movie for a while. That is until I get a better computer. Anyways, so here it is. It's called The-Siege. It has the Lizards of the LSMC and Lizardcommando and the Exterminators (although, they appear much later in the movie.) Ok, so the LSMC have to take back this base from the terrorist Lizards. I did all the voices again, but towards the end though, I started losing my voice (although it's not too noticable). Just watch it and tell me what you think of it.


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Hey, I really liked this one!

My only suggestion is that next time you animate an explosion, make the screen flash for a frame or two, or make the 'camra' shake a little to make things more dramatic.

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I quite like that one. Very nice.

Took a look at the other new one shootout. Heh, do those lizards ever stay down, or shoot back to put me out of my misery?

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