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Enjay's Terrain FX-Skulltag edition

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For those who don't know, enjay quite some time ago released a nifty little wad that added not only hexen-like splash effects to all liquid flats (water, blood, lava, nukage, etc), but also added sound effects for different solid flats!
I find this to add a load of deph, having jumping on carpet sound different than jumping on metal. His sounds also had quite a lot of variety, covering everything from tiles to snow.

So. Enough bullshit. What I have started doing is updating this wad to include sound definitions for the textures and flats included in skulltag.wad (along with any other custom textures I wanted to throw in.) This is coming along quite nicely.

Now the problem: player grunts.
These grunts from falling of from a moderate hight up really detract from the nifty sound effects caused by the player landing on the flat.
Now what I was wondering was: Is there a way to decrease the volume, or even mute these grunts? This would ideally include the different sounds caused by different skins, but I am willing to make as many lines nessecary to shut them up!
I looked in the SNDINFO wiki page, but nothing seems to point in the direction I want.


UPDATE: okay I found all the ST jump sounds for the skins and all... now i just need a way to turn them down in volume...

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Goldwave by far in my opinion is one of the best Sound editors out there. I still use the unregistered version, and Im able to create anything I want. Someday I'll get around to buying it :-)
Makes creating new doom sounds a breeze, so try it!

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I think Jehar wants to dampen the sounds for any skin WAD he loads without having to edit the sound. Unfortunately I don't think there is a universal way to decrease one specific sound type using SNDINFO or some other control lump.

Glad you've found some use for the terrain WAD though. :)

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