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DoomBuilder Error

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My DoomBuilder wont work right...

I found this so far....

When I go make a new map, it opens that box, i select what engine, then i name my map, etc. then when i hit ok it comes up with this message...

WARNING: You have no Iwad set for this configuration!
WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL
WARNING: Could not find required lumps TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2

When i try to set an Iwad for the config. I go to my Zdaemon folder and select the wads folder, i then choose doom2.wad in my wad folder. it says:

Run-time error '9':

Subscript out of range

Then when i click ok Doombuilder closes.
Also without setting an iwad when i go to 3D mode, it restarts my comp.

Thx for the help.

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I don't use Doom Builder much, but you could try placing the Doom2.wad in a folder titled Doom 2. The path would need to be c:\doom2\doom2.wad

That could do it, though I'm not sure about the other errors.

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No problem:-)
Must be something to do with Doom Builder making sure you have a registered version of Doom 2.

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