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The Dopefish Legacy

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Now, as I was scrolling through some Doom III screens, I came across the well-known picture of Doomguy in the bottom the evil hell symbol (The things that the monsters spawn out of), but with some closer examination, I found that there was also another hidden character in the pic, in the upper right corner, there was, of course, a dopefish! Now, at the time, I said "Ha...dopefish" and didn't think about it, but, I decided I'd look up Dopefish to get a little History.

Most of us know that Dopefish was the dumb little green fish in Commander Keen, made by Id Software just before Wolfenstein, and that he had a dumb little song and such and such. Now, what I didn't realize, was that Dopefish is quite a celebrity in games, making MANY cameos in a lot of familier titles, including the Quake Series, Max Pain, Duke 3D, Romero's Daikatana, Hitman, etc. Evolving a bit each time, now, since half of those are 3D realms games, they have the rights to use Dopefish(Apogee) as much as Id, but again, I was surprized to find even MORE Dopefish tie-ins.

Screensavers, games, wallpapers, mugs, tatoos, haircuts (That's right, some dude had his hair cut into the shape of a dopefish), computer cases, posters, etc. Anything you can imagine probably has a dopefish slapped on it SOMEWHERE in the world. So, my conclusion? Dopefish, just get a game of your own, i'd play it, can you see it now? Dopefish: The 15 Year Legacy of 2nd Rate Stupidity!


(Tons of Dopefish Info can be found at: dopefish.com/fishinfo.html)

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That's what I said the first time, and planetdoom's version isn't even the greatest, but, I find that if you look at the smaller picture, you get a better view of Dopefish, the two jutting squares at the bottom we can assume are teeth, than fill in the rest, because although eyes are the base for a lot of things, Dopefish's big ol' teeth are his most notable feature, if you start there, you can see the resemblance, and I assume that you can see Doomguy and the UAC logo?

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Jehar said:

omg timeline. This was all over the forums when d3 CAME OUT!

It was all over the forums long before that. I've known about that site for years, and I've been finding those references ever since I found the "Dopefish Lives" in DN3D not long after it came out.

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TheDarkArchon said:

This can't be Legacy: It hasn't corrupted anything yet :P

I got you there, but anyway, all this thinking about dopefish has brought to the next question: What exactally CANT you slap a dopefish on?

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