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Risen3D error

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Help guys!

I'm having trouble with the Risen 3D intstallation launcher. I've got the full installer v3.0, but when I run it, it says "Some of your Windows files are not up to date. Would you like to setup.exe to update them?" or something similar. If you click yes, I get an end program thing. After that ends, my machine reboots like it said. So then I run the launcher again, it come up with the same error! I've tried it countless times. I've also downloaded the launcher update 3.06 I run that, it updates, but it just updates the full install, which I can't get going. WTF?

I would really like to set this up, it seems like a mix between EDGE (3d floors) and Doomsday (what Risen is based on).

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